Grave political crisis if no Constitution amendment, warns Upendra Yadav

RAUTAHAT: Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal’s Chairman Upendra Yadav said the country would face a grave political crisis if the incumbent government was not serious about an amendment to the Constitution.

Addressing a press meet organised by the party's District Working Committee in Rautahat district today, Yadav said that the only alternative available to resolve problems of Madhesis and other disgruntled groups is the Constitution amendment.

Yadav said that neither any election would be held nor the Constitution would be implemented unless the party's demand for the Constitution amendment was met.

Mentioning about the Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal's saying that the final draft had been ready for the Constitution amendment, Yadav made it clear that there had been no any talk about this with agitating forces. He even added that the claim was only a propaganda.

Yadav also claimed that not only Madhesis, but people of hills and mountains would protest against rulers if Madhesi people were deprived of their rights.