Hailstones damage crops in Jajarkot

JAJARKOT: The hailstones that hit Jajarkot district last night caused heavy damages to crops and food grains, mostly wheat crop. Barekot Rural Municipality and Kushe Rural Municipality were the worst hit by the hailstones that occurred continuously for two hours.

Janak Bahadur Shahi, a farmer from Barekot said that the hailstones caused a huge damage to the wheat crop which was ready to harvest.

The wheat and vegetables cultivated by around 5,000 households were damaged by the hailstones in Barekot, an area which is often affected by food insecurity.

Kali Prasad Thapa, a mediaperson from Kushe Rural Municipality, reported that the area had witnessed the heaviest hailstorm so far.

Likewise, more than 40 sheep died due to the hailstones in Chauthari area of Barekot in the district, the farmers reported.

Minister for Forests and Environment and Member of Parliament from Jajarkot Shakti Bahadur Basnet said that efforts would be taken to combat food security in the affected areas, adding that he was worried about the loss of crops.

He also said that the rural municipalities and the local administration have been asked to collect the details of the loss, further stating that steps for relief would be initiated soon after the details of the damages are confirmed.

Similarly, Chairman of Barekot Rural Municipality Mahendra Shah said that he was sad to learn about damages of crops and vegetables caused by the hailstones.