Haphazard road construction destroying unique heritages

BENI, MYAGDI: Cultural heritages have faced destruction with the road expansion works going on in rural areas of Myagdi district.

Road expansion projects have become widespread since 2065 BS. However, roads are being constructed across the country in an unplanned manner without carrying out proper survey by engineers. Dozers and excavators are being used to in road expansion works without considering environmental consequences.

Haphazard road construction has also led to destruction of historical heritages like the ancient resting shelters, chautari, traditional architectures, and ponds in many rural areas of the district. And many more of such heritages are still at risk.

Bil Bahadur Bishwakarma, a local of Ruma, Malika Rural Municipality-2, said that more than 100 such ancient heritages in various places are at risk.

"Rampant construction of rural roads especially in the last decade or so has destroyed many of our original heritages. It has also increased the risk of landslides and erosion," complained Bhimnath Parajuli of Galeshwar, Beni Municipality-9.

According to him, more than a dozen ancient resting shelters and chautari along the route from Beni to the border with Mustang district have been destroyed with the construction of motorable roads and hotels. This road leads to Muktinath Temple, one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in the country.