BAJURA: Kolti Primary Health Centre in Bajura district has been running without doctors for the past three weeks.

The health centre visited by more than 60 patients daily is facing operational difficulties as doctors remain on leave, Assistant Health Worker Lokendra Prasad Jaisi said.

It has been learnt that Chief Doctor Bijay Kumar Shah at the health centre has not reported to duty since last month while Doctor Satya Shahi has not returned from training which he went for on March 7, 2018.

According to District Health Chief Dr Rup Chandra BishwaKarma, Dr Shah’s leave remains unsanctioned despite his absence.

Absence of doctors in health centres in Humla, Bajura and Mugu districts have added to patients’ woes, health workers said. Every day around five patients are being referred to hospitals based at district headquarters Baitadi and other districts, Health Centre informed.

According to locals, they are bound to pay relatively expensive air fares and travel to Nepalgunj for treatment.