Health check at airport in Bhadrapur

Jhapa, March 5

A health desk has been set up at Bhadrapur airport in order to prevent the deadly coronavirus from entering the country.

“A lot of people places fly to and from here, thus we’ve taken precaution and set up a coronavirus counselling and primary health check-up desk from today where health workers will check the body temperature with the help of an infrared thermometer,” said Civil Aviation Authority Bhadrapur Chief Purna Prasad Chudal.

Meanwhile, though a health desk was set up at Kakadbhitta entry point, besides Bhadrapur airport, health workers deployed there said they lamented the lack of manpower, necessary drugs and equipment. Locals also expressed concern that there was no health desk set up on the Mechi Bridge on the border with India in Bhadrapur despite a huge number of people crossing the border everyday.

Health desk was set up only at Kakarbhitta entry point against eight to 10 entry points along the border with India in Jhapa.