Health Insurance Programme introduced in Mahottari

MAHOTTARI: Health Insurance programme has been introduced in Mahottari today.

The government through Bardibas Municipality has initiated the programme in the district under the slogan 'Your Health Our Determination'.

Inaugurating the programme at Bardibas today, former Health Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel said that it was necessary to make the District Hospital systematic to run the health insurance programme. He said there was no alternative to making the hospital systematic to give continuity to the health insurance programme run by the local level, at a time when most of the hospitals across the nation have now been facing lack of human resources and physical infrastructures.

Pokharel, who is a resident of Bardibas Municipality-3, inaugurated the programme after being insured himself.

Similarly, a member of House of Representatives from Mahottari-4, Dr Surendra Yadav expressed the view that the health insurance programme would not benefit the poor until the government health institutions of rural areas were made systematic.

Likewise, provincial assembly members Sharada Thapa and Bharat Prasad Sah said that the health insurance programme brought by the government would become a milestone for poor and marginalised communities if implemented as per the objectives.

Mahottari is the 26th district launching the health insurance programme.