Health insurance programme starts in Bhojpur

BHOJPUR: Health insurance programme has started in the eastern hilly district of Bhojpur for the very first time. The programme has started in 38 districts including Bhojpur, under the Social Health Security Development Committee of the government.

The Bhojpur District Health Office has stated that the main purpose of the programme was to ensure proper health service for all on the basis of social health insurance by improving the demand and supply of quality health services under the National Health Insurance Policy 2071.

Raju Shrestha, health education assistant at the Bhojpur DHO, who is involved in the empowerment of community for the health insurance programme in the district said, “Underprivileged citizens, who do not have the resources for health treatment during emergencies, can utilise this insurance service.”

Shrestha also mentioned that under this insurance programme, each family will receive health service equivalent to Rs 50,000 annually. The premium payable will be Rs 2,500 per annum and this will provide coverage for five members of the family.

The health insurance programme that was carried out in 25 districts of the country during the fiscal year 2073/74 will increase its reach to 38 districts this fiscal year.

On the basis of poverty and health risks, households have been recognised for carrying out this programme in Bhojpur. It has been learnt that machine readable identification cards will be provided to the insured and the process of insurance will be taken forward through system software.