Heat waves and drought hit Dhading folk

DHADING: Heat waves and drought have affected life in Dhading district.

The severe drought and excessive heat during the day time have made it difficult for the locals and commuters to stay outdoors.

The main trade centres in the district; Malekhu, Gajuri, Galchhi, Mahadevbesi and Dharke have witnessed lower transactions as most of the traders as well as the consumers stay indoor to escape the immense heat waves during the day time.

Recently, the number of patients with waterborne diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid, cholera, gall bladder infections and other viral infections have gone higher, said a doctor of Dhading District Hospital, Krishna Lal Upreti.

About 125 patients visit the Hospital everyday, most of them being children, added the doctor.

Other private clinics, pharmacies and health posts in the district have also observed the sharp growth in the number of patients with waterborne diseases as well as dermatological infections and allergies due to the excessive heat waves in the area, said health professionals.

The water resources in the district are drying up fast due to the drought.

As a consequence, the locals have been passing through the scarcity of drinking water.

People struggle to collect more drinking water from water resources which leads the disputes among them everyday, said Dhading District Police Chief, SP Sharad Kumar Khatri.