Cases of scrub typhus have increased in the Baitadi district in recent days.

With scrub typhus infection being found in people coming to the hospital and health facilities seeking treatment, the risk of scrub typhus spread in the district has increased.

Scrub typhus has been detected in some patients coming to the District Hospital as well, Hospital's information officer Harish Panta said.

He said the number of patients has increased in the district this year although it was detected sporadically last year. According to him, scrub typhus infection has been found in 22 persons since the start of the monsoon season from mid-July till date. The infection is found in patients coming from all the local levels of the district.

The disease was found more in the people coming from Dasharath Chand Municipality and Dogadakedar Rural Municipality of the district, Panta added.

Although the number of scrub cases is increasing, most of the people coming to the hospital for treatment were inflicted with viral fever, Dr Basanta Raj Joshi, Chief of the District Hospital informed. He further added that among the 100 patients coming to the hospital daily, 50 were found to be suffering from viral fever.