Helpless haliya struggling for lack of money


Khale Luwar, 69, a haliya of Budhinanda Municipality, Bajura, has been struggling for life as he does not have money to buy medicines.

Luwar doesn’t even have money to buy a packet of rehydrating solution. His condition is said to be serious due to diarrhoea.

Villagers took him to Kolti Primary Health Centre after his condition worsened. His neighbours, then, took him to his house from the health facility after he did not even have money to buy the rehydrating solution. Luwar has been suffering from diarrhoea for the past three days.

Luwar’s wife Sita Sunar said she did not have money and no one was there to help in her husband’s treatment. Khale had been ploughing the landlord’s field for livelihood. “I could not get the money to treat my husband,” she said in tears. She added that Khale could not run the family after being bedridden. She said no one helped her even though she had reached many places.

Nepal Government had constructed houses for haliyas under the free haliya project.

A local, Hikmat Odd, said Khale had no money to buy medicines. He said the government seemed apathetic towards providing treatment for haliyas. Sita has appealed for help for her husband’s treatment.