DHADING: A highway ambulance service facilitated by health workers has started in Kurintar of Chitwan district.

The service began with the aim of facilitating accident victims along the Prithvi Highway and those in the area who might be in need of such facility.

Nepal Ambulance Service in coordination with Nepal Disaster Management Training Institution of the Armed Police Force (APF) in Kurintar started the service to provide rescue and emergency services.

The ambulance service will be jointly managed by APF Kurintar and Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality. Nepal Ambulance Service handed the ambulance to APF Kurintar with the agreement that APF will bear the costs of the driver, medical technician and operation of the ambulance.

According to the general secretary of Nepal Ambulance Service and former Deputy Inspector General of APF, Sharada Bhakta Ranjit, the ambulance will include a health worker who will perform paramedic treatment of the accident victims while they are being taken to the emergency of a health facility.

The ambulance will also contain modern equipment and other items required for the treatment procedure/emergency services. The accident victims and those in need will not have to pay for the use of the ambulance, however, they have to pay for the use of any medicines used on the way to the hospital.