Hinduism should be national religion of Nepal: NC leader Bhandari

POKHARA: Central member of Nepali Congress, Shankar Bhandari, has said that Hinduism should be declared the national religion of the country.

In a programme organised by Press Union Kaski in Pokhara today, leader Bhandari said that Christianity has spread in the country since Nepal became a secular state under the Interim Constitution. He said Nepal had been primarily established as a Hindu kingdom since the time of Baise-Chaubise principalities before any political parties came into existence.

Leader Bhandari opined that the increasing number of churches and the activities of missionaries could destroy the identity of Nepal.

He also expressed his belief that a referendum should have been held before declaring Nepal a secular state and claimed that the demand to make Nepal a Hindu state has increased.

He expressed his opinion that NC should draw up an agenda for making Hinduism the national religion as the majority of people wanted the same.

On the occasion, he lamented that the government was unable to bring the culprits involved in the rape and murder of Nirmala Panta to book. He added that it was useless to criticise the immoral government.

The NC leader alleged that the political parties after the 1990 democratic movement were struggling just to gain power rather than serve its people. Bhandari was of the view that the general public was not satisfied with the present government and that the NC should move ahead together with people to form a plurality government after four years.

He said the party leadership should also behave and conduct properly with all leaders and cadres. He stressed that the party president should maintain discipline.

The NC leader alleged that the party had neglected the roles of youth.