Hindung at risk of being swept away by landslips

Dhading, January 29

The entire Hindung village settlement is at high risk of being swept away by landslips in Rubi Valley Rural Municipality, Dhading.

Two herdsmen — Norbu Tamang, 45, and Dhan Bahadur Tamang, 18, — went missing after a landslide triggered by the rupture of a massive rock in Hindung on Sunday. They were sheltering in a den to be safe from heavy snowfall on the day when the massive landslip occurred.

Though search for the missing persons is on, their whereabouts is still unknown. A search-and-rescue team comprising personnel of Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and locals have been at work for the past two days. The rescue team said massive rock splinters were hampering their rescue effort.

In the wake of the landslide, the locals have expressed concern about their own safety. They look forward to being shifted elsewhere. “The village comprising 100-odd households seems to be more at risk now following Sunday’s landslide,” said a local, Jas Thapa.

It is important to note that geologists had recommended that the government relocate the settlement of Hindung, reckoning the danger of staying put there in the wake of the 2015 earthquakes.

“As the settlement was already at risk and the risk factor has increased now following Sunday’s landslide, the government must immediately act to shift the villagers elsewhere,” said Rubi Valley Ward No 4 Chairperson Prashant Tamang. “As people in Hindung are poor and cannot afford to buy land elsewhere, the government must help them shift to a safer place,” he added.

Rubi Valley is one of the most remote local bodies of Dhading, and Hindung one of the remotest villages in the rural municipality. The village has no basic infrastructure such as road and electricity.