HIV patients in Doti taking anti-retroviral drugs in absence of nutritious food

Dipayal, January 9

Though doctors recommend that HIV patients must take the Antiretroviral drugs with a heavy and nutritious diet, many HIV patients in Doti do not have access to nutritious food.

According to Laligurans Ekata Samaj Chairperson Kamala Malla, many HIV victims taking the ARV drugs are facing health problems in the district. Laliguras Ekata Samaj is an organisation that looks out for HIV victims.

“As most of the HIV patients are from poor families they can’t afford nutritious food, but they’re being administered the drug without proper diet. This can cause an adverse impact on their health,” she said.

“We’ve frequented various government and non-government offices in the district headquarters to get our concerns heard, but to no avail,” lamented Kate Nepali, an HIV-victim, adding, “Though a few organisations have launched nutrition programmes in the district, the programmes have yet to reach all HIV victims.”

District Development Committee Doti Programme Officer Tek Bahadur Khadka conceded the problem faced by HIV patients in the district. “Over half-a-dozen organisations are involved in spreading awareness about HIV in the district, but they are largely oblivious about the fact that the victims are not taking nutritious food,” Khadka said, seeking the government’s help to set up a food fund for HIV victims taking the ARV drug.

There are around 1,200 HIV victims in the district at present.