Lamjung, August 12 People with HIV positive have started opening up of late, thanks to the awareness campaign launched by the governmental and non-governmental organisations in Lamjung. The number of people testing HIV positive has been on the rise after they started opening up. The district has as many as 206 people infected with HIV at present. District Community Hospital alone is providing ART service. A total of 96 people with HIV are taking medicine from the community hospital at present, said ART VCT Counsellor Ganesh Gurung. According to Gurung, 43 females, 41 males, seven girls and five boys have taken part in the ART service. Many people with HIV hesitate to open up due to the social stigma attached to it and the feeling of embarrassment and visit the doctor at the eleventh hour once the problem deteriorates, says Hikmat Bhandari, medical officer of the hospital. Of the total HIV-infected people, 13 have died till date in the district. Of the deceased, eight are males and five are females.