HLPM role vital, says Prakash

DHANGADHI: Unified CPN-Maoist vice-chairman Narayankaji Shrestha ‘Prakash’ today said that political parties should dwell on how to make the role of the High Level Political Mechanism (HLPM) effective and efficient rather than debating on who should lead the elite panel. However, he disclosed that the HLPM leadership will be discussed in the next meeting.

Talking to media persons at Dhangadi Airport, Shrestha said, “It is urgent to think about how the near-defunct HLPM can be activated and made effective and its leadership issue can be mulled over later.” He further emphasised on the need of forging consensus in the interest of the nation.

Reacting on the recent remarks of ex-king Gyanendra Shah, Shrestha opined that it would be a mistake to take his statement as normal and trivial matter, though. Stating that regressive elements were raising their heads, Shrestha reiterated, former king’s remark signals conspiracy of the regressive forces, so his statement cannot be taken as normal.”

He urged the government to cut down facilities availed to the former autocrat and displace him from the Nagarjuna Palace. He said that ex-king’s remark that monarchy has not come to an end, two years after the advent of republic, is a serious challenge to the new republic. “People have to punish him,” he added.

Commenting on the nearing deadline of May 28 for

the promulgation of new statute, Maoist stalwart Shrestha argued that constitution should be promulgated by the stipulated time at any cost.

Claiming that his party was extending all possible support for the constitution-drafting process, he said, “We have been demanding a new government under the leadership of our party by forging consensus and cooperation to move ahead.”