Hold CA polls within Jestha: Nepal

Pokhara, September 24:

CPN-UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal today said that different conspiracies could crop up in the nation if elections to the constituent assembly were not held within the month of Jestha.

Inaugurating the seventh district convention of the CPN-UML, Kaski district committee, here today Nepal said: “If the constituent assembly polls are not held within the month of Jestha, autocratic elements can conspire to destroy the very process of polls. The date to the constituent assembly polls should not go beyond Jestha.”

Nepal also urged the government to appoint a chief election commissioner and other election commissioners for the constituent assembly elections.

Saying that the government has set aside Rs 100 million for the constituent assembly polls, Nepal said: “None desires to see the date for the constituent assembly polls go beyond the month of Jestha.”

Informing that the CPN-UML will go to the rural areas with the slogan of a democratic republic during the constituent assembly polls, he said: “No force can stop voters from casting their votes.”

Nepal said: “The Maoists should be sent to the Singh Durbar, not jungle. If efforts are made to send them back to the jungle, the conflict will resurface in the nation.”

He urged the Maoists to win the hearts of the people.

Blaming that the Maoists were acting against the code of conduct agreed upon between the government and the Maoists, Nepal said: “The lower level Maoist cadres are still committing murders, abductions, issuing threats, looting people and forcibly collecting donation.”

The Maoist cadres are not following the orders of their party leaders, Nepal said, adding: “Donation collection will stop only after the Maoists’ arms management.”

Stating that the interim government that would include the Maoists will be formed

in the first week of Kartik, he said: “The CPN-UML, NC and NC-D leaders yesterday talked about the final draft for an interim constitution, establishment of a democratic republic, formation of interim government and arms management, among other issues.”

“Most of the rights of the king are seized at present. The election to the constituent assembly will decide the king’s position,” Nepal said.