Hold talks at the earliest

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 6:

As the government deadline (January 13) for the Maoists to come to talks nears, people have started voicing apprehensions for and against the same. The Himalayan Times conducted a brief survey in this connection. Following are the excerpts of conversations with people from various walks of life:

Som Nath Timilsina

The government and the Maoists should negotiate at any cost. It is not the matter of ultimatum. The problems must be resolved only through dialogue. Not only the two warring parties, but all political forces and other stakeholders like civil society should take the responsibility and pressure the rebels to sit for talks. Peace cannot prevail without multilateral efforts.

Kiran Amatya

It is difficult even to go out during odd hours because you never know where and when a bomb goes off. The situation is scary. The government and the Maoists should understand the problems faced by the commoners and hold talks as soon as possible.

Bikal Shrestha

The country will face the danger of civil war if the Maoists don’t come for talks by January 13. Everyone knows that there is no alternative to peace talks, but perhaps the parties concerned are not doing enough. It will be difficult to hold elections at present though it’s the only way to save democracy.

Sanu Raja Ranjit

Election is the only alternative to protect democracy and the government should go for polls if rebels don’t show any interest in holding talks. Why not? Elections are being held in Iraq and many other conflict-hit countries. Why not here? How long can the country survive going backward? It’s strange that the government and the Maoists are not serious about this. It’s high time we ignored trivial matters and reached a consensus.

Kamal Dhodari

If the King is a constitutional monarch and wants to protect democracy as he claims, he has to play an important role to lead the country towards peace. The government’s announcement to hold polls seems ridiculous to me. Can you anticipate fair elections at present? Rather the government should come forward with some strong policies for bringing the Maoists to dialogue table. Moreover nothing is possible without Indian support.

Rameshwor Khadka

Peace is the need of the hour. The government should not stick to its ultimatum for pressing the Maoists, as it’s not possible to hold a fair election when the rebels are being so violent. The talks between the government and the Maoists should not end in a deadlock. The government needs to do homework and the Maoists need to be sincere.

Vidhya Shakya

Nurses have to work at odd hours but security situation is deteriorating. The government and the Maoists should resolve the conflict through mutual understanding.

Gyanendra Chaudhari

When I last went home I faced difficulties because of security checks. Fear of Maoist attack was there every time. People are living in fear. This situation should be resolved at the earliest through dialogue. Election is the essence of democracy and the government may go for it if the rebels remain quiet.

Sanida Silwal

The government and the Maoists should realise that only dialogue can bring peace to the Nepali people. The peace talks should be held as soon as possible.