Thapa warns those taking up revolt

Chitwan, May 30

Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa today said the government was exploiting both political and administrative means to control elements that had taken up revolt.

Minister was speaking at a press conference organised by Press Chautari and Press Centre in Chitwan’s Bharatpur airport today.

On the occasion, the home minister questioned the rationale behind yet one more revolt.

“After the decade-long revolution, we don’t need any revolt now as it doesn’t serve any good purpose and will only bring chaos and instability in the country,” he said, pledging to take strong action against elements up for creating chaos in the country.

The minister also pledged action against contractors who failed to complete development projects on time.

“The government won’t tolerate any delay or other irregularities in the name of development projects,” he clarified, also pointing to the need for both the ruling and opposition parties to move unitedly to realise the dream of prosperity seen by all and sundry.

Responding to whether it was reasonable for his ministry to interfere in other ministry’s jurisdiction and arrest contractors on any pretext, Thapa clarified that his ministry couldn’t spare anyone flouting the law.

“My ministry has the responsibility of bringing everyone who doesn’t follow or violates the rules to book and we have done the same,” he said, also saying the ministry will take necessary action for inordinate delay in completion of the Narayangadh-Mugling road project after investigation.