Hospital hard put with surge in patient flow

CHITWAN: With the increase of the patients visiting the hospital for the treatment of gynaecological diseases and parturition services, Bharatpur Hospital is having a hard time caring for patients.

The 435-bed hospital has allocated 100 beds for parturition patients. “Despite the number set for parturition purposes, every day, 120 patients visit the hospital these days,” said gynaecology department chief Dr Sunilmani Pokharel, adding that the hospital has been treating patients on the floor. The hospital, which provides quality parturition services, conducts eight to 10 delivery-related surgeries every day.

“The surge in the number might have to do with the quality of service we’ve been providing to women, especially for expecting women, as we conduct surgery and provide 24-hour service in case of emergency,” said Dr Pokharel, adding, “There are days when we have performed up to 18 surgeries in a day.”

According to hospital medical superintendent Dr Maniklal Manandhar, district and zonal hospitals and other health facilities are referring complicated cases to the hospital.

“As we realise the pressure of patients the hospital is facing, we’re thinking of doubling the bed capacity,” Manandhar said, also sharing his plan to increase manpower for the ward.

“There is lack of infrastructure in the hospital and the building housing the surgery ward is old, but we are doing or best to solve such problems,” he said, adding, “As per our plan the hospital will have a capacity of 500 beds including 10 ICU beds.