Hospital holds patient captive

Biratnagar, June 4

It has been learnt that Biratnagar-based Golden Hospital has held a patient captive for the past two months after the patient failed to pay treatment expenses to the hospital.

The hospital has held Kul Bahadur Limbu, 54, of Maiwakhola Rural Municipality, Taplejung. The incident came to the light after Limbu’s relatives started seeking assistance from various organisations. Limbu had received a cut on his head after he fell from a tree around three months ago.

According to Limbu’s son Suren, Limbu was admitted to Golden Hospital on March 11.

Though his treatment was over, family members had not been able to take Limbu home as they could not clear the treatment expenses. Limbu family paid Rs 110,000 to the hospital and the hospital still has to receive Rs one lakh provided by the government as assistance. The hospital says that Limbu has yet to pay Rs two lakh more.

Hospital administration Chief Govind Luitel said the hospital could not treat patients for free. “Limbu had to pay a total of Rs 440,000 to the hospital. Of this amount, Rs 210,000 has been deposited. Now, he has to pay the remaining Rs 230,000 to the hospital. We can waive Rs 30,000. But, we cannot allow him to go home without clearing dues,” Luitel said.

Public Forum Chair Uttam Dhungel, who reached the hospital to visit the patient, said it was illegal to keep the patient in captivity. Dhungel demanded that the hospital create an environment to send the patient home immediately.