Hospital picketed holding doctor responsible for death of patient

CHITWAN: Relatives of a patient in the College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur have picketed the hospital holding a doctor responsible for the death of the admitted patient.

They have demanded that the hospital compensate for the loss of the patient's life as a result of the doctor's negligence.

The deceased has been identified as Madhav Prasad Baral (34) of Basmadhi-8 in Bardiya district.

The accused doctor IP Cherienal had operated surgery on Baral's head instead of  nose on July 17.

He was admitted in the hospital after complaining to have headache. Baral had acted insanely after passing two days in coma and immediately went back to the same state for 80 days, according to uncle of the patient, Lal Prasad Baral.

Despite the request from the patient's relatives to the hospital administration and the doctor engaged in the operation to refer the patient to another hospital in Kathmandu, the doctors at the hospital had assured that they would recover the patient's health.

The relatives of the deceased picketed the hospital after the hospital pronounced the patient dead, casually on Saturday. Although there had been talks from both the hospital and the patient's kin, they have not concurred with the victim's demand to compensate them with refund of Rs 2 million, pay the fund for the living of patient's two children and punish the doctor engaged in the surgical operation.

However, the director of the college, Dr Natraj Prasad, denied that the doctor was responsible for the incident.

He remarked that the doctors could not guarantee the life of any patient who undergoes the surgery. Thus, the hospital couldn't compensate the patient's kin.