Hospitals directed to provide free Pap tests

Kathmandu, January 7

Government hospitals throughout the country have been directed to provide free Pap smear tests for the screening of cervical cancer, the most common type of cancer among women.

The Health Ministry on Friday issued directives to government hospitals across the country to provide Pap smear tests free of cost.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers on September 8, 2016 had decided to make Pap smear tests provided at government hospitals across the country cost-free. The Ministry of Health on Friday send letters to all regional public health offices to implement the decision.

According to doctors, a Pap smear test can be done in five to 15 minutes. Women from age 35 to 60 years should take the test at least once a year.

A Pap smear (also called a Pap test) is a screening procedure for cervical cancer. It tests for the presence of precancerous or cancerous cells on the cervix, and the opening of the uterus.