House revival will strengthen King: Experts

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, June 9:

Some lawyers today argued that the demand for reinstatement of the House of Representative could make the King even stronger. Motiraj Bhusal, a member of the Raj Parishad, today warned the political parties that the demand of reinstatement of the parliament could make the King even stronger. “Those who have been demanding reinstatement of the parliament is only invoking the King to be stronger,” he said. Addressing a programme organised by the Lawyer’s Association (LA), he regretted that an institution like the Nepal Bar Association (NBA) was coming up with the unconstitutional demand of House revival. The NBA has trampled upon the feelings of hundreds of legal professionals, he said.

Advocate Balchandra Neupane said if the King has the right to reinstate the House, he also will automatically gain the power to terminate it again.

“Giving the King the right to reinstate the House means making him as powerful as during the Panchayati system,” he said, adding, “it will make the political situation worse.” “The Nepal Bar Association is urging the King to go against the constitution. This could deal a blow to the lawyers and other democratic forces,” he said. Ashok Nath Tiwari, the former member of Upper House, said that there is no guarantee that the situation would improve and the

political parties will provide a solution to the political crisis after the reinstatement of the House. “With such an unconstitutional demand, the lawyers are inviting ‘backdoor amendment’

of the constitution,” he said. Shree Ram Malla Thakuri, the chairman of the Lawyers’ Association, said, NBA’s passing of a political proposal has raised an ethical question on the institution itself.