HR bodies iterate appeal to world

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, May 13:

Human rights outfits and representatives of civil society have collectively forwarded

a “seventh” joint appeal to the international community, including the president of

the USA, prime ministers of Australia, Canada and Denmark. They have urged the

international community to support the efforts for restoration of democracy, freedom and political rights in Nepal.

The statement expressed concern over India’s decision to resume military supplies

to Nepal, emphasising that it will only encourage the regime to “continue using its military might.”

This will lead to undemocratic practices and suppression of the civil and democratic rights of the people, it said.

“We urge leaders of India, the world’s largest democracy, to review their decision and re-suspend military aid in all forms,” said the statement by 25 human rights organisations which was signed by human rights defenders Subodh Raj Pyakurel, Gopal Krishna Siwakoti and Shobhakar BudhathokiThe statement further said a hundred-day deadline set by the US had passed and urged it to review anti-democratic activities and to pressurise the government to

restore democracy and freedom in Nepal.

It urged Russia to do the same and “stall” all forms of military aid.

It further said the human rights situation continues to remain grave even after the lifting of emergency and that media censorship and detention of journalists continues.

The declaration of municipal elections, according to the statement, is eyewash.

The statement further condemned the recent raid on the “legitimate” office of the student political group All Nepal National Free Students Union. It also referred to the incident in the Siddhanath Multiple Campus, Kanchanpur district, where security forces detained and fired at student leaders.

The statement urged the international community to condemn the arrest and harassment of political leaders and cadres, journalists, lawyers and human rights activists and the re-arrest of legally freed individuals.

It called on the world community to press “Nepal’s judiciary to act independently towards guaranteeing basic rights of the people.”

It also urged UN members to immediately suspend the Nepalese military’s participation in UN peacekeeping operations.

It urged them to press the authorities to restore communication services for political and human rights activities, without surveillance and to help media and NGOs and INGOs to function freely.