Hundreds of flood-hit sans food, shelter

Mahottari, July 29:

It was a heart-rending scene today as hundreds of starving flood victims squatted outside Mahottari CDO Netra Prasad Sharma’s residence, weeping and moaning for food all day.

A flood victim of Badiya-Banchaur, Sadli Nadaf, said that he had eaten nothing for two days. “It seems we are destined to die of starvation,” he said.

Hundreds of starving people from areas like Parsapataili, Simardehi, Bhatauliya, Bajrahi and Damhimad are not getting any food or relief materials.

A helicopter brought some supplies after shops and godowns in Jaleshwor ran short of beaten rice, sugar and other consumer items. Supplies have not been distributed yet for fear of rioting among the flood victims. CDO Sharma said.

Eighty-five families of Gena in Bathnaha have been spending their days and nights on Jaleshwor Road without receiving any relief.

Flood victims complained that the relief materials given by the district administration were not enough.

Some 204 inmates of the Jaleshwor jail have been subsisting on beaten rice for five days. Our Janakpur correspondent reports relief distribution is yet to pick up momentum in Dhanusha district.