Hunt for Maoists involved in looting weapons on

Nuwakot, August 10:

A hunt for the Maoists cadres involved in the looting of the weapons from the Phikuri police post of Nuwakot is going on. The Maoists affiliated YCL cadres and police personnel have been searching for the Maoist cadres at Solma, Bhalche, Kahule, Manakamana and Dandagaun of Rasuwa district adjoining Phikure, Nuwakot DSP Dhiraj Pratap Singh said. “We have been searching the attackers with Maoists and YCL cadres,” Maoist district secretary Hiranath Khatiwada said.

A group of 23 Maoists led by Maoist district committee member Raj Kumar Regmi took control over the police at the Phikuri police post and looted three weapons and 114 rounds of bullets yesterday.

The Maoists have said that their cadres Sandesh and Resham Dhungana were involved in the incident. “Sandesh has not come to the contact of the party yet,” a Maoist source said, adding, “Sandesh said he is willing to meet the party leadership if police and YCL cadres deployed for their hunt were called back.”

Meanwhile, an UMNIN team to study the incident and take initiatives to return the weapons arrived at Bidur today. The team has been holding discussion with different sides.