Hydel production bid in Ilam

ILAM: In the backdrop of lengthy hours of load shedding, the government’s permission for hydroelectricity production to various companies and individuals in the Illam district has provided reason to be optimistic.

In all, 19 manufacturing companies have obtained permits to generate a total of 96 MW of hydroelectricity from the seven different rivers and streams in the district, out of which 3 companies have already initiated their work while the rest are going through the process.

Among the grantees, Himal Dolakha Hydropower Company has taken permission for generating 28 MW of electricity from Maikhola. Likewise, eight companies have been granted permission for 13 MW electricity generation from Jogmai, two companies for 3.02 MW from the Yubamai river and one company for 3 MW from the Biring Khola.

The district has potential for generating more than 120 MW of electricity from different rivers and rivulets only if the government funnels the investment, Sunil Thapa, the electric engineer and power house designer, said.