Ian Martin meets Oli, Prachanda

Kathmandu, October 12:

The personal representative of the UN Secretary General, Ian Martin, and his political advisor, Samuel Tamrat met Deputy Prime Minister KP Oli today.

The UN team is all set to begin its work here once the ongoing summit talks between the Seven-Party Alliance and the Maoists reach a conclusion, a source said. Martin and Tamrat raised their concerns over the ongoing dialogue to Oli.

Meanwhile, Jan Eric Wilheim, a member of the UN team headed by Martin arrived here today, a UN source said. Wilheim is a military expert and a former military general of Norway. Ecaterina Salvo, an electoral expert from Romania, arrived here on Tuesday. Ceasefire expert John Bevan, another member of the UN team, is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow.

The UN team is here to monitor arms management and Constituent Assembly elections.

Ian Martin, also met Maoist Chairman Prac-handa and held discussions on possible ways of arms management.

The meeting is being considered as a significant development.