Illegal extraction of river products rampant

Bajura, February 11

Illegal extraction of river-borne materials has continued unabated in Badimalika Municipality, Bajura.

Extraction of boulders, gravel and sand, among other river-borne materials from Bahuli Khola is rampant.

Many private houses and even government buildings in Martadi are being built using illegally extracted river products. The existing law states that sand, boulders and gravel, among other river products, should be extracted from the river only after carrying out environment impact assessment.

Illegal mining has put human settlements and arable land near the river at high risk, but the local government has kept silent on this issue so far.

“The local government has done nothing to stop illegal river mining,” said Janak Rawal, a local. He informed that as many as 12 families were displaced due to illegal river mining in the last year.

River products are being extracted from Shera Khola too in the municipality.

Crusher industry has been operating on the banks of the river without taking permission from the authority concerned. Permission has to be taken from District Small and Cottage Industry Office to operate crusher industry.

Bikram Katwal, an officer at DSCI, said no crusher industry had been registered with the office in Bajura.