Illegal extraction of sand, pebbles rampant in Chure

NAWALPARASI: Illegal extraction of pebbles and sand is rampant from various rivers in the region.

Illegal extraction of construction materials from Turiya, Panbhat, Santapur, Bhaluhi, Somnath, Raipura, Kerunge, Binaya, Baulaha, Arung rivers is on the rise, accepts the District Development Committee Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Officer Prakash Panthi.

The problem is due to the failure of the DDC to lease out the extraction of the river products.

The process to lease out the rivers to contractors is underway, but the environmental impact assessment is taking some time, DDC sources said.

The region falls under the President Chure Tarai Madhesh Protection Development Committee and hence the DDC cannot unilaterally lease out the rivers to the contractors.

Environmentalists have warned of floods, landslides and soil erosion due to the rampant extraction of stones and sand from the rivers in the region.

Meanwhile, locals blame it on the ignorance of the local administration.