Illegal mining goes unabated in Chure range

Rautahat, September 20

Illegal mining along the Chure range continues unabated in Rautahat.

Unauthorised extraction of boulders, gravel and sand has intensified in places such as Gaidatar, Bholantar, Mahadev Danda, Toribari and Morange Danda of late.

Concerned authorities have kept mum over illegal mining activities being carried out by using heavy equipment.

A local, Bir Bahadur Waiba said boulders, gravel and sand, on an average of 40 to 45 tippers, were extracted from rivers in the area. “Though there is a rule saying that the excavation of natural resources should halt completely from the last week of Ashad, it is still going on unabated in the name of contracts signed by the local bodies, which is very unfortunate,” said Waiba, claiming the illegal practice was taking place under the aegis of local party leaders and government authorities.

Chief at Division Forest Office Chandrapur Binod Singh expressed his helplessness to stop the illegal practice. “Though we have not been able to stop the illegal practice, we’re committed to stopping unauthorised mining,” he said. He blamed on local bodies saying local bodies had doled out mining contracts on whims.