Kathmandu, February 2:

Outgoing UNMIN chief Ian Martin today suggested the government and the political parties to put in place an effective mechanism for the implementation of past commitments made during the peace process.

Martin, who led the UNMIN during the crucial period of the peace process for the last two-and-a-half years, also urged the government and the parties to bring into effect the commitments that they have made to the conflict victims.

“Nepal has made a great achievement in the peace process. But, of course, there still are some big challenges and crucial issues — integration of two armies, rehabilitation of conflict victims, writing a federal constitution and ending the state of impunity — which must be addressed successfully,” Martin said. Speaking at an interaction at Reporters’ Club, Martin hoped that the army integration process will conclude within the stipulated time. He also requested the political parties to foster cooperation among them and hold political debates within democratic framework to take the peace process to a logical conclusion. Martin is leaving Nepal on Friday.