Implement past agreements: Thakur

Rautahat, October 30

Tarai Madhesh Democratic Party Chairman Mahanth Thakur today said that there was no point in holding dialogue with the government until the latter came up with concrete agendas to address their demands.

Speaking to media persons at a function organised by the front in Gaur today, TMDP chair Thakur clarified that there was no point in holding talks with the government until it ensured the word-to-word implementation of past agreements. “The dialogue turned into a farce as the government invited the front for talks without necessary preparation. Therefore, we are prepared to take a concrete decision in the upcoming negotiations,” he clarified.

Thakur stressed that the main opposition Nepali Congress should also be included in the talks as the Parliament would require two-thirds majority to amend the constitution.

“The Nepali Congress had participated in talks with the front earlier. Moreover, the amendment proposal was filed at its initiative. Hence, the Nepali Congress must be included in the government’s talks team,” he demanded.

Accusing the government of wasting time in the name of negotiations, he urged the government to come up with concrete agendas to address their demands during the next round of talks scheduled for Sunday.

Asked about Nepal’s fresh deal with China on importing petroleum products, Thakur said an independent country can enter into any kind of agreement to serve its national interests. “But, if the government aims to thwart the Madhes agitation by inking the deal with China, it would be suicidal for the country in the long run,” he argued.

Thakur also said they were preparing to obstruct entry points along the Nepal-China border in coordination with the indigenous nationalities.

Meanwhile, he also stated that the modality of their agitation would be changed as per the decision of the front’s meeting in Janakpur on Saturday. He thanked all the people participating in the Madhes agitation and urged them to continue supporting it until their demands were met.