Implementation of Right to Information Act paltry

KATHMANDU: The implementation and monitoring of Right to Information Act has not been far from satisfactory since its formulation, a report said.

The annual report of National Information Commission (NIC) made public today said that the ministries concerned, central bodies and the public offices were yet to appoint information officers as has been mentioned in the Act. Binaya Kumar Kasaju, chief information commissioner, NIC, said that the report was based on their inspection in some districts before mid-July.

"The Act grants every Nepali citizen to have access to information held by public bodies but there are certain obligations which bar public from gaining information," he said, demanding that such "obligations" should be immediately amended.

As per the Act, every public office should make public their activities along with budget allocation and number of staffs in every three months but it has not been practised, he stated. He further said that the people were also unaware of their right to get information. According to him, the NIC received just 15 cases in 15-month period. The NIC today handed over the report to Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.

Receiving the report, the PM assured early implementation of the Act. "The implementation of Right to Information Act is a must for good governance and elimination of corruption in government offices," the PM said.