Improved judiciary system need of an hour in nation: CJ Parajuli

PHIDIM: The Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli has said improved judiciary system is need of an hour in the nation.

CJ Parajuli said so after laying a foundation stone of a District Court in Phidim of Panchthar district on Monday. Integrity of justices and employees of the judiciary system are per-requisite for effective delivery of fair verdict on cases.

Parajuli said the locals do not have faith on judiciary due to its past mistakes while making verdicts. Just erecting new structures won't make people realise improved judiciary system unless employees bring changes in their working pattern.

Similarly, Ram Prasad Sitaula member of Judiciary Council said justices roles are imperative for effective delivery of verdicts on cases.

On the occasion, High Court Biratnagar Justice Gunaratna Bhurtel, Supreme Court Seniro Justice Deepak Raj Joshi registrar Nahakul Subedi among others were present.