Impure fuel hassling owners of two-wheelers

Pokhara, December 6

The ongoing fuel crisis has given a real headache to motorbike owners with engine failure emerging as a major problem because of use of adulterated fuel sold in the black-market these days.

Bimal Khadka of Phedikhola in Syangja approached a motorbike workshop in Naya Bazaar, Pokhara, last Monday after his bike started emitting strange sound.

After a test, the mechanic piped up, “Seems you have used adulterated fuel. But as the problem is not severe, you can put some mobil in the fuel, and it will be ok.”

According to owner of the workshop Dhana Bahadur Khapangi, the number of motorbikes coming to his shop to repair engine complications has risen of late. “As the fuel most of the bikers buy is adulterated and this creates problem in the engine,” he said, adding, “Four to five bikes are brought to my shop everyday with engine problem.”

Kaski Motorbike Association Chairperson Madhav Khatiwada also informed about increasing cases of engine problem due to impure fuel.