In Myagdi town, lucky draw decides if one "won" cooking gas

KATHMANDU: Authorities in Myagdi district headquarters, Beni, invented a unique method to manage overcrowded customers gathered to collect filled cooking gas cylinders as the acute shortage of fuel continued in the nation for over two months.

As the number of people waiting for the gas was around 10 times the number of available half-filled cylinders in Myagdi today, the District Administration Office and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry chose to hold a lucky draw to decide fate of the aspirants.

Amid thousands of people in Beni today, the officials announced winners of the lottery and sent them homes with 7.1kg gas cylinders.

But, many more than them had to return empty-handed.

Total 381 cylinders were distributed today.

Nepal is reeling under the acute shortage of cooking gas and other fuel for over two months due to obstructions at Indo-Nepal border points following promulgation of the new Constitution.

(With inputs from the Rastriya Samachar Samiti)