India not favouring monarchy, obstructing border in Nepal, says Indian External Minister Swaraj

NEW YORK: Indian Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj has made it clear that India never stands for reinstating monarchy in Nepal.

In an around 45-minute-long meeting with Nepal's Minster for Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey on the sidelines of 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Wednesday, Indian External Affairs Minister Swaraj expressed sadness over the allegation that India wished for monarchy revival in Nepal.

"Allegations have been made to us. But we are not in favour of reawakening monarchy in Nepal", Foreign Minister Pandey quoted Indian Minister Sworaj as saying.

The high level meeting held amidst the recent inconsistent bilateral relations between Nepal and India following the promulgation of the constitution in Nepal on 20 September 2015 is observed significantly.

During the meeting, Minister Swaraj clarified that it was India's responsibility to reach the vehicles carrying petro products and other goods up to the Nepal border and India has not imposed any restriction on the supply of goods.

"India has not obstructed the transportation of goods to the border and will not do in the future as well", Minister Pandey quoted Swaraj as saying on the occasion.

Nepal has presented its view that as a landlocked country there should not be any complications in the smooth transport of goods and it should not be the cause to weaken the cordial relations between the two countries.

Minister Pandey further shared that, "We both sides should be cautious to avert difficulties in the transport of goods considering Nepal the landlocked country. We should be watchful to the emergence of current situation in a way that it would not hurt the bilateral relations between Nepal and India".

India has expressed sadness over growing anti-Indian sentiments in Nepal of late citing trade embargo.

On the occasion, Nepali side extended thanks to India for its cooperation in settling peace process and managing earthquake-triggered problems in Nepal. India also hailed the Nepal's peace process moving to a logical conclusion.

Minister Pandey added that the Indian side has made it clear that Nepal as an independent and sovereign country is free to take decision regarding the adoption of the constitution and resolve any problem emerged in the country.

However, India wished Nepal to settle the agitation coming to the fore following the promulgation of a new constitution through dialogue, informed Prime Minister's Foreign Affairs Advisor Dr Dinesh Bhattarai.

"It is better to address the issues through talks since the agitators are also Nepali people. India wants to see a peaceful, sustainable and developed Nepal not the one with instability", Dr Bhattarai quoted Indian External Minister Swaraj as saying.

Prime Minister's foreign affairs advisor Dr Bhattarai, acting secretary at Foreign Ministry Shaner Das Bairagi, Nepal's Permanent Representative to UN Durga Bhatatrai and Nepal's Ambassador to US Dr Arjun Karki among others from the Nepali side were present at the meeting.

The Indian side was represented by External Minister Swaraj and External Affairs Secretary S Jayshanker.