India pledges help for agricultural research

New Delhi, August 23:

India has expressed commitment to help Nepal produce technical manpower required for its farm sector.

The commitment came during a meeting between Nepal’s Minister for Agriculture and Cooperatives Chhabilal Biswokarma and his Indian counterpart Sharad Pawar. Talking to media persons after the meeting, Biswokarma said, “The Indian agriculture minister has assured that India will provide facilities for technical education and production of manpower required for agricultural development in Nepal.”

Officials of India and Nepal held a meeting to finalise the modalities of proposals submitted by Nepal for the development agricultural sector. Biswokarma said India was committed to providing aid and expertise for furthering agricultural research in Nepal. He added that India was also ready to make investments to boost the activities of Nepali organisations engaged in agricultural research.

Biswokarma said an agreement has also been reached to share experience related to agriculture and expertise. Talks were also held on the issues of quarantine, agricultural import and export and certification, he said.