India ready to help Nepal on Tarai: Muni

Kathmandu, July 1:

Indian scholar on Nepali politics SD Muni today said that India would he happy to provide Nepal with any kind of help to solve the problem in the Tarai and stabilise politics here.

“Unrest in the Tarai is a matter of concern also for India because the factor, which has been creating problem in the Tarai, will eventually create problem for India also,” he said, addressing a programme at the Reporters’ Club.

He also said that Nepal should take initiatives to seek help from India and India should provide any sort of help Nepal seeks.

He further said that the election to the constituent assembly should be held in the given date to end all sorts of confusions, dissatisfaction and violence. “Election to the constituent assembly is the solution of many political problems here. Let the constitution that reflects sentiments and desires of all communities and religions be drafted,”

Muni said.

He added that if the government fails to deal with internal problems, the election

will not be held and even if it is held, the result will not address the people’s demands.

He also said that federalism is inevitable to Nepal in today’s political context.

“There is no other way left for Nepal than to follow federalism,” he said. He said that federalism provides identity to all kinds of people and communities.

He also stressed that federalism is meant for unification of the country, not for disintegration. Asked if federalism could push the country towards disintegration, he said no country in the world has ever seen disintegration due to federalism. Muni will leave Nepal on Tuesday.