India, US run this govt: Maoist minister

Kathmandu, July 24:

Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare Khadga Bahadur Biswokarma today said the Nepali government is virtually run from New Delhi and Washington and that the Maoist ministers in the government have not been able to do anything significant.

“We have not been able to address the problems of the nation through the Cabinet. So, we are planning to change the form of our movement,” he said.

He was addressing a function organised to celebrate the 13th anniversary of Jana Utthan Pratisthan here. “We are continuously fighting against the colonial nature of the Nepali government,” he said.

“Take to the streets and we will back you up because we are not being able to solve your problems as members of the Cabinet,” he said.

Biswokarma said the leaders in the eight-party alliance are hatching conspiracies to derail the peace process.

“There is no reliable basis on which to make people believe that the CA polls will happen on November 22. We want a guarantee of our victory in the polls,” he said, adding that conspiracies are being hatched to prevent Dalits from improving their living standards. “The Dalits should, as such, go for a strong movement,” he said. There is no loktantra in Nepal yet, because there is no inequality in loktantra, he said.

Newly-appointed chairman of the National Dalit Commission, Ram Lal Biswokarma, said

he could do nothing as the head of the NDC which is functioning under a ministry.

Rajan Biswokarma of Nepali Congress said the Dalit representatives have failed to raise the voice for their community.

Journalist Binod Pahadi said the Dalit ministers and MPs have failed to raise the voices of the community they represent.