‘Indigenous nationalities neglected’

Dhankuta, January 13

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) central member Suresh Ale Magar has argued that the concerns of indigenous nationalities remain unaddressed because his party leadership lacked a clear stance.

“The erstwhile CPN-UML leaders lack clear stance on how to tackle the issues related to indigenous nationalities, that’s why these issues are yet to be addressed. In fact, leaders still have the old mentality, which is also to blame for this state of affairs,” said Ale, speaking at the Indigenous Nationalities Journalists Association in Dhankuta today.

Further, he observed that leaders had failed to act in line with the change in the country.

“The country has adopted federalism, but the leaders are acting as they used to in the past, which does not add up. Moreover, how sensible is it for communist leaders who don’t believe in religion to be busy inaugurating religious programmes?” he asked, descrying the slow pace of the government.

Magar spoke in favour of striking Dr Gobinda KC, saying his demand for opening medical colleges in remote areas was commendable. “If his (Dr. KC’s ) demands are wrong, the government must have the guts to call them wrong; otherwise, the right demands must be addressed, it’s the government’s responsibility,” he said.