Indrawati hydropower project in limbo

KATHMANDU: The officials of Sunkoshi Hydropower Co Ltd today said they were facing a number of problems on the rapid construction of Lower Indrawati Hydroelectric Project.

Organising a press conference, the company officials informed that they would complete the construction

of the project by February 15, 2011.

The project has the capacity to produce 4.5 mega watt electricity.The project is located at Sindhupalchowk district, 70 km from the Kathmandu Valley.

Project Developer Jem Shrestha claimed that the project’s maintenance cost is very low in comparison to the other hydroelectricity projects in Nepal.

He added that they were facing many problems as the local people had put forth many demands that were beyond the capability of the project. People from eight VDCs around the project site had shut the project, Shrestha added.

A power purchase agreement was signed between the project and Nepal Electricity Authority on December 7, 2002.

Due to the frequent strikes and closure, the construction process has been halted. Project officials also said they had been facing some problems at decision making level of the government offices.