Industrial estate yet to be unlocked

Rajbiraj, March 10

The Rajbiraj-based Gajendra Narayan Singh Industrial Estate management office has been padlocked for the past two days.

Yesterday, irate entrepreneurs had padlocked the office during the visit of Industry Minister Som Prasad Pande, who was here to take stock of the estate, citing lack of necessary facilities and infrastructure.

Regarding the reason behind the padlock, Krishna Food Industry proprietor Jibachha Yadav bemoaned the loss he has borne due to lack of necessary infrastructure such as water, electricity and basic security management.

“We were sweet-talked into setting up our industry here with assurances of basic facilities then, but as there are no facilities as assured, we’re having to bearing loss. Moreover, the office is putting a squeeze on us by imposing a fine,” said Yadav, adding, “How can we profit by running our plants just for a couple of hours during such a serious energy crisis?” Further, Yadav vented ire against chief of the office Bijaya Mishra for acting against them.

“Though the estate has conspicuously failed to provide us the pledged facilities, including electricity, Mishra has put the blame squarely on us for not running the plants and on top of that he seems to be discouraging us out-and-out,” Yadav argued, adding, “Though the GM has told him to recommended a waiver of the fine during the agitation period, he has not done his bidding, a clear sign that he wants to discourage us.”

Mishra, however, denied the charges, saying, “In fact I was briefing the visiting minister about the situation here, but it was they who prevented me from putting my view to the minister then by catcalling. As for ending the padlock, I’m doing the needful as per the directives from the higher-up authorities that have told me to coordinate with the police to open the office. During his inspection of the estate, Minister Pande had pledged state support to industries that are faring badly.

The estate located at Basabitti houses 10 industries including Krishna Food Industry, Laxmi Food Industry, Padma Jyoti Plastic Industry and Milan Dairy.