Industrialists picket NEA office

BIRATNAGAR: A committee of industrialists in Morang district formed to pressure the government to minimise power cut hours organised a sit-in in front of the Nepal Electricity Authority Biratnagar office today.

Agitating industrialists had organised a sit-in in front of the District Administration Office after submitting a memorandum yesterday.

The industrialists have been agitating putting forth various demands that include the operation of Basbari multi-fuel plant to its full capacity.

They also demand that the electricity generated from the plant be supplied exclusively for the Morang-Sunsari Industrial corridor and that the electricity imported from Katiya of India be consumed only in the area East of Koshi River.

Meanwhile, workers of various industries in the area have also joined the agitating industrialists.

The agitating industrialists claimed that they will not withdraw their protest programme until their demands were met.