Infrastructure not ready in Province 7

Dhangadi, February 1

Infrastructure preparation for the provincial government, headquarters and for holding the provincial assembly meeting is being delayed in Province 7.

Though preparation for holding the Provincial Assembly meeting in the District Coordination Committee hall is under way, construction of other infrastructure is yet to start.

The newly constructed building of Seti Zonal Transport was selected for the office of the chief minister, but the infrastructure is not yet in place. The government had allocated Rs 7 crore  through the Building and Urban Development Division Office to get the chief minister’s office ready.

The Building and Urban Development Division Chief Rabindra Bohara said work was progressing slowly as the design of the hall had arrived late. “Infrastructure construction of different ministries will start after issuing a notice,” he said. He added the office was compelled to issue the notice after political parties piled pressure to provide work to their cadres. He informed that Provincial Assembly hall, Provincial Assembly Secretariat and the office of the speaker would be completed within 20 days.

It is said that formation of the provincial government might be delayed as  preparation to establish different ministries is yet to start.

Officials said the provincial government would be formed just after the election of speaker. Kailali Chief District Officer Govinda Rijal said that all preparations would be completed before formation of the provincial government. “Preparation of the meeting hall is under way to hold the first meeting of the Provincial Assembly,” he added.

CDO Rijal said that the ministries would be managed with the election of speaker and deputy speaker before formation of the government.