ITAHARI: An inmate died when a rival group thrashed him mercilessly in the regional prison here at Jhumka in Bhadgaun Sinuwari VDC-5 of Sunsari district yesterday night. Seven other prisoners were injured in the gang fight.

Arjun Tamang, permanent resident of Tandi-4 of Morang district, who was serving his jail term on murder case, was killed in the incident. Sources privy to the incident claimed that the group had been torturing Tamang over personal dispute as he denied giving in to the group's demand for money.

The team led by the jail's "internal administration" Dev Kumar Mehta had been torturing the team members of Tamang since long. Victim Chandan Thapa, a prisoner, lamented as they did not inform the incident to the security personnel fearing of more torture from them.

Deceased Tamang was head of internal administration of the jail when he was in Morang jail located in Biratnagar some time ago. Jailbird Raju Singh was killed when a group led by late Tamang thrashed him indiscriminately there. Morang jail administration had transferred Tamang to Jhapa when he created anarchy in the jail. Subsequently, Jhapa jail had transferred him to Jhumka on September 6 as he created "unhealthy environment" in the jail there as well.

According to Thapa, who was also injured in the incident, Mehta had been torturing Tamang by piercing pin on his hand, forcing to drink him urine and ordering him to hang upside down.

Tirtha Maharjan, Ramsagar Mehta, Jugal Mukhiya, Harinarayan Yadav, among others, were involved in the beating.

DSP Rajendra Dhakal informed that they recovered Rs 185,000 which the Mehta's gang had allegedly collected from the inmates.

Chandra Tamang, elder brother of the deceased, however, claimed that he had informed his brother's situation to jailer Sanjeev Niroula yesterday evening itself.

Meanwhile, a probe committee has been formed under the chairmanship of assistant CDO Harihar Dahal.

Relatives and next of kin of the deceased protested outside the prison demanding action against the culprits today.