Insurgency toll 10,896: INSEC

Himalayan News Service

Pokhara, January 29:

The ongoing Maoist conflict has claimed 10,896 lives from February 13, 1996, to December 4, 2004. This information was given today at a press conference organised by the Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), western region.

According to the figures, the state was responsible for 7,118 deaths while the Maoists for 3,778, and double the above figures were victims of human rights violations.

Regional coordinator of INSEC, Som Thapa, said insensitivity on part of the government and Maoists regarding human rights was the reason behind it.

During 2004, 740 persons were killed in 358 incidents in 16 districts of the region and the state was responsible for 401 deaths, Maoists for 245, while 14 persons were killed in civilian cases. And in 2004, 245 persons were arrested by the state, while the Maoists abducted 1,020 persons. It was also said the state was responsible for the disappearance of three women and 18 men, and the Maoists for two women and five men.

Figures show that security persons manhandled 145 men and 17 women, and the Maoists three women and 54 men. A total of 243 persons were injured in clashes between the Maoists and security forces. The Maoists took 3,200 teachers and students under their control for different reasons. They are also held responsible for the displacement of 105 persons of the region.