Integrated plan ready for Bajura development

BAJURA: The Government of Nepal has introduced a new plan to elevate people in Bajura district from poverty.

The Integrated Settlement Development Plan has been prepared to alleviate poverty Bajura locals are living in.

The plan was put forth to relocate the scattered settlement living under constant threats of natural calamities to safer places.

It intends to make life of the people easier by providing them with basic needs for which they otherwise usually need to travel about seven to 10 days to the district headquarters, Martadi.

Officials said they are facing difficulties to distribute the daily consumables to rural VDCs like Rugin, Gotri, Sappata and Dahakot. They, however, state that that the new plan needs to be modified in order to reach them.

UML leader and Constitent Assembly member Karna Bahadur Thapa opines that through this plan, services can be maximised and infrastructure development will be made possible in rural areas.

Regarding the project, the government had recently held an interaction in Martadi with experts of the National Planning Commission (NPC). The government has already allocated budget for the same.

"Implementation of the plan will begin from the least developed district of the nation (Bajura)," NPC member Prem Dangal said, "It will start from this year."

Meanwhile, scientists from the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and officers from the Department of Survey have also prepared a report on the basis of a survey they conducted of the district. According to the report, 51 per cent of the district is not habitable for settlement.

On the basis of the report, only 191 square km area is safe for settlement while people have already started living in 19 places, Dangal added.

The report also shows that 64 per cent of Bajura's population is living under the poverty line, only 5,029 houses out of 24,888 are safe to live in and 90 square km area of the district is affected by floods.

"Ensuring security before any calamity is a duty of the state and establishment of safe settlement is necessary," CA member Thapa said.

Review of land use policy, land trades and encroachment, compensation and other legal processes for the plan are underway, the NPC informed.